Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Marie-ism: Christmas Cards

This used to be a regular part of my blog... but it's been awhile. Truth be told (and don't you all drop dead of shock at once now...) my mother in law has been... tolerable since the kids came into our lives. But, every once in awhile, Marie's true colors shine... like last night.
Every Sunday night we dine with Frank and Marie. There is no question about it. We just have to. Last night Ray went  over early to start the meal, and the girls and I were at home (you know, right across the street). I got a call asking for Miss Bolshoy to come over. Hmmm, something is up. We all went over. Sure enough, Marie had an organization project for Miss Bolshoy to do. Then came the Christmas decorating. Better late than never, eh? Monkey declared "We're going to do a activity!" Ali sneered "Not ACTIVITY... NATIVITY!" and Monkey followed up with "OH! That's even funner!" My kids have an obsession with nativities.
As the girls were placing the cast of characters just so, Marie was chatting with me.
"Barone Boy #1 said that he got your Christmas card and they just LOVE it!" (I never know whether or not to send them a card because they never acknowledge that we do, and I wonder if Crazy thinks I'm gloating. That's something that she would think... But I'm damned if I do, and I'm damned if I don't... so I do.)
I said "Awww I'm so glad they got it and liked it!"
This year we had professional family photos taken, and we are giving framed photos to all of the grandparents for Christmas. One of the photos is the one I used of the girls for our Christmas card.
Not my smartest of ideas, because now I can't send my parents or my inlaws their Christmas card yet. And believe you me, Marie noticed.
"So Barone Boy #1 and Crazy got a Christmas card? I don't believe I have gotten one yet..."
Yours is coming.
"Was there a delay with the mail? It isn't very far- only just across the street..."
Yours is coming.
"Well I just don't understand the delay. I would like to bring the photo to show the ladies at work..."
I promise that you will get one... East, come here, puppy!
Saved by the dog... Some things are just not very simple with her...


Milena said...

Such a beautiful photo of your girls!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Long time reader from Australia here. Would love to hear how your Disney trip went down! We are planning our own.